Our Story

Tiypn (pronounced "Tie-pin") is an interpretation of the greek word τίγρη.

"Tiypn" is the brand's identity because it translates to tiger, which stands for bravery, ambition, and dedication to serving others. Tiypn is designed to bring individual stories behind clothing we put out. You will see the the majority of our products will feature meaningful messages that are contextualized around takes on our current society. To fulfill the needs of our customers, we aim to offer high-quality, contemporary apparel at reasonable prices.

One of our goals for our brand is to bring purity to the fashion scene. We will not succumb to worldly expectations. We will involve seasons of values needed to be highlighted according to what Christ leads us to say. We want to represent selflessness, love, and a life that Jesus lived. We want our collections, people involved in the brand, and more to represent our values.

Anton Kupin (Founder):
Since I was nine years old, I've been exposed to creative endeavors that initially didn't involve clothing, but I eventually dove into the world of fashion. I created this brand in 2021 from pure passion for expressing and sharing my creative thoughts with the world. I want to inspire the world by encouraging them to pursue their passions and to put meaning behind what they do.